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des britischen Labour-Parteitages. Image 3-23 Used from 1945 onwards, ovenproof porcelain under the trademark 'porzeton note the 'feuerfest' and 'SCH.' comments. Theobald Ginker, Josef Gleißner, Ludwig Gretsch, Fritz Neumüller, Simon Neumüller, Josef Wiendl, Hans Zehendner, and the local miller, enslein, which in turn all received a certain amount of shares.

2, bayerisches Landesamt für Statistik und Datenverarbeitung Fortschreibung des Bevölkerungsstandes, Quartale (hier viertes Quartal, Stichtag zum Quartalsende). Image 3-30 A 'taller' version with both 'bavaria' and 'germany'. Julius Müller from 1895 onwards - next to his regular job - run a guest house (Gasthof zum Lindenzweig) on 'Großensterzer Straße' which was also used as canteen for the workers of the porcelain factory and the guesthouse was also a meeting point for members. Image 3-29 Nearly the same as previous basic marks only that this one has an included 'germany'. The second facility was in 1937 followed by a third, 'Werk C located on Schulgartenstrasse. Comment(s) Note that the Mosanic Pottery 'stacked rifles' mark was used three years before Max Emanuel took over the factory in Germany, so it is not only found on items created by his German subsidiary between 18 but also on a few pieces created for. But in August 2005 the small city was rocked by the news that the company, represented by the board of directors, had to file for bankruptcy. To match constantly rising demand, a second facility Werk B was in 1925 constructed. The Mitterteich business sextreffen baden-baden quoka is often"d to have been named. Image 3-31 Used between 19Anniversary mark pointing out '1887' and 'ALT-mitterteich also note the 'rmany'.

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