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talks "Not Like the Movies". Website: Aktuelle Angebote: 35 Immobilien Unternehmen: Mehr erfahren. 4 Lyrically, "Not Like the Movies" is a song about a love relationship where a woman does not feel in love and still waits for the man of her dreams, or "charming prince as a Terra reviewer put. A b Gardner, Elysa (August 18, 2010). 14 Claire Suddath of Time magazine said the " Valentine's Day themed performance coupled with Perry's wedding footage made-up for the swing that looked like a high schoolyearbook photo backdrop".

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A b "Katy Perry Not Like the Movies Digital Sheet Music". Sheffield, Rob (August 23, 2010). "Katy Perry: Teenage Dream". 4 The song has a basic sequence of A5Fm7CmE as its chord progression. "Live Review: Katy Perry". Lyrically, the girl contemplates her first time and how "it wasn't right". Oder BJ) gefolgt von vierstelligen Ziffern im ". A b c Ryan, Chris (September 4, 2011). Katy Perry from her third studio album, Teenage Dream (2010). Die, anzahl der Zimmer kann im ". "Grading the Grammy performances". Perry's vocal range spans over an octave, from F3.